Pretty Little Liars

Well I just watched the new PLL and it was AMAZING, however I’m going to find it really difficult to wait for the next one. I’m really excited about the ‘twist’ that’s going to happen -em xo

I don’t know about you but I love taking pictures, weather its on my phone camera or webcam. I always find fun and cute things lying around so I can take a picture of them. -em xo


Girls, they can be right cows to eachother can’t they? I have previously experienced this, not personally though! Even seeing people fight makes you feel upset! I am definately not one to pick sides but honestly, most arguments aren’t even worth thnking about. Sometimes the arguments can last for five minutes, and sometimes you will feel like your friendship is hanging by a thread! Honestly it may last years but from me to you, don’t worry about it, its nothing! -em xo

Hello x

Hello guys its emily! Me- I am a person who wants to be heard and wants to be recognised as the person that helps! Unfortunately, I don’t feel as if I have the self-confidence to broadcast myself on youtube. I don’t even take pictures of myself. Yes, there are personal reasons to this though. But I thought by sharing my thoughts on a blog will not only help people but help myself for being noticed:) anyway, I really hope you enjoy my blogs!